Tuesday, September 25, 2012

09/25/2012 - Robinson Bayou Sunset

Header Image - note the eggs on the Damselfly.

Iron Filament Art thanks to a boat propeller.

Flower Filament Art thanks to the Creator.

Orange Damselfly - note eggs on its side.

Green Damselfly.

Insect Sex. Note the eggs on the lower Damselfly.

Long Jawed Spider.

Tree leans - Sailboat leans.

Sun going down in Robinson Bayou.

Golden colored Butterfly

Interesting landscape.

Dragon Fly.


Post Sunset.

50 Shades of Yellow-Orange.

Beautiful Sunset.

Sunset. Wow!

Almost done.

Looking toward the east - the Moon.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

09/23/2012 - Moore Creek

Bees will work for the hive until their wings wear out or they drop dead. What would happen to the hive if 47 percent of the Bees did not work and demanded the rest of the hive feed them, house them, pay their medical bills, and take care of them for life?


Great Blue Heron taking flight. (Yeah, there is still some trash in Moore Creek)


Meadow Beauty.

Fall Swamp Aster.

Busy Honey Bee working for the Hive.

Bumble Bee.

Hempvine wildflower attracts insects.

Skinny threadlike waist on a Mud Dauber Wasp.

Lanceleaf Rattlebox.

Damselfly. What do they see in their world?



Long Jawed Orb Weaver.

Crape Myrtle.

Flat Sedge.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

09/20/2012 - Moore Creek - Cleaner Than Before

Header Image - Who Dat?
Much of Moore Creek trash was either removed during the Coastal Cleanup (Not Likely) or the high waters and heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Isaac washed much of the trash downstream.

North of Interstate I-10 the fall wildflowers were starting to dominate the creek bank. With little trash in sight and wildflowers all over the place, the focus of today's paddle was life on the creek bank.

I was elated to see that an Alligator was still alive in the Moore Creek area. Conservation Officers killed a big alligator in the creek last year because it supposedly ate a dog. If the dog was fenced in or on a leash, how did it get eaten?

Some people pay no mind to the leash law and let their dogs run wild. I watched two dogs swim through the marshes today. Luckily they were much too big for this little alligator to eat.

Finally getting watch nature instead of seeing nothing but piles of garbage on the creek bank made this paddle most enjoyable. For the next month or two Moore Creek north of the Interstate is a wonderful place to see wildflowers and all the life that partakes in the nectar of life.

I hate this NEW blog editor because it is not WYSIWYG.

Lots of wildflowers.

Still Alligators left in Moore Creek.



Meadow Beauty or Handsome Harry.

Rosy Camphorweed

Ludwigia or Primrose?

Playing with its food.


Red Rattlebox.



Yellow flower in the Aster Family.

Dog that loves the water.



Turn Around Point.