Wednesday, August 29, 2012

08/29/2012 - No Solution to Dog River Pollution

Fox 10 TV did a report about Dog River residents being concerned that tropical storm Isaac will generate excess trash which they will have to pick up. I never see any reporters out on the water to get the real story. April, here is what Dog River looked like today: TRASHED. Welcome to Mobile, home of the Bay Pigs. It has been over a year and the shoreline has yet to be cleaned. Much of the trash in these photos is over a year old.

When the water recedes from this storm, many residents will be facing the task of removing yet another ring of the public's trash from their property. This is just the visible trash. The smell of raw sewage was strong up near Eslava Creek. Rain storms usually generate hidden health hazards like e-coli.

Dog River Shoreline.

Dog River Park. The City of Mobile did not bother to secure their trash cans despite warnings for high waters.

Moore Creek shoreline by the Interstate.

Undeveloped property full of trash.

Rabby Creek.

Dog River.

Dog River across from Dog River Park.

Moore Creek shoreline.

Moore Creek shoreline.

Dog River shoreline.

Dog River shoreline.

Moore Creek shoreline.

Dog River shoreline.

Dog River near Mike Bradley's home.

Some of the river litter served as a safe haven for critters flooded out of their home.

A big spider, beetles and an ant colony sharing room on a basketball.

The owner of this sailboat is dying of cancer and is looking to get rid of this sailboat, for FREE.

Dog River shoreline.

Dog River shoreline.

Moore Creek shorelines.

Moore Creek shorelines.

Dog River Park. This shore was recently cleaned by a volunteer.

Holy crap. A porta-potty floating down the street.

Swimming in the Dog River MAWSS sewage dump. Not very smart to be exposing your kids to excess e-coli.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

08/28/2012 - Isaac Tropical Massage

I love kayaking in tropical storms because it is a time to get some kayaking experience in rough conditions. After waiting half the day for a Tropical Storm Isaac feeder band to show up on radar, one finally did. When the rain band was about an hour away, I launched.

Before you go saying I'm an idiot, to set the record straight, I would not intentionally kayak in rough waters using a PADDLE kayak. Winds can snatch the paddle right out of the hand or a gusting wind catching the paddle blade can easily knock a person over. However, in a Hobie PEDAL kayak, with Turbo ST fins below the water, winds do not much affect propulsion until about gale force (over 50 mph). Today's winds were 15-30 mph at most. I'm experienced using a pedal boat in tropical storm conditions. I'm familiar with the waterway, knew the tides, knew the risks, stayed in protected waters, and had emergency plans for several types of things that can go wrong. A trip in these conditions is not taken lightly.

Header image. During one squall winds stayed steady about 20 mph with a few gusts that rocked the kayak. The raindrops pelted my body in a slight stinging massage-like way - it felt good. I closed my eyes while pedaling and was enjoying the exercise experience. Sure beats sitting inside a stinky gym on a stationary bicycle.

Auburn University decided to tie up their boat which displayed no Alabama registration. Should this boat be blown loose it could wipe out property owner docks.

There were several other larger boats blocking a navigable waterway. Luckily I was in a kayak and was able to navigate around the petroleum burning beasts. They should have asked ALL the owners upstream if it would be okay if they blocked the waterway.

On the alee side of the Dog River conditions were nice. Some residents were sitting out on their dock enjoying the weather.

Even some dogs were out enjoying the higher than normal tide. Plastic trash floats nearby.

The horizon darkened and a brief squall line passed through. There were about a dozen boats anchored off Alba Club (seen on the horizon). Only one boat had its lights on.

Hoppe's Launch was a bit under water. The wise owner removed her trailer before the storm hit.

Kayaking down Dauphin Island Parkway just north of Dog River Bridge. The road was closed. Cops started approaching like they were going to detain me, so, I quickly got back out on the open water.

Gas pumps and a huge gas tank at Dog River Marina were all secure and not leaking.

Grand Mariner was close to getting water on their first floor. Luckily the tide was going down.

A bunch of young kids can be seen here walking on a dock that was under a few inches of water.

A little bit of video from today's trip. I had planned to do some kayak surfing up near the Dog River Bridge but due to a lot of debris and a rudder knob that came loose, I decided not to surf the 4 foot waves that were moving about 8-9 mph. What an enjoyable kayak trip.

Monday, August 20, 2012

08/20/2012 - Dog River Pollution Continues

Header image. Polystyrene (Styrofoam) contains the toxic substances Styrene and Benezene - suspected carcinogens and neurotoxins that are hazardous to humans. Can you say, "Cancer?" Can you say, "Autism?" What's in your water? The same crap that you allow on your roadsides. Enjoy your cancer.

Shoreline of Eslava Creek. Dog River residents and Mobile Leaders don't seem to care about water quality in Mobile waterways. I thought there was a lawsuit to get this pollution cleaned up. .

I guess after the city paper pushers, engineering companies and lawyers get involved, there is no money left to actually get the crap removed. Too many chiefs and NO indians. Not a single person removing trash from area waterways? Enjoy your Alabama Seafood harvested from Mobile's illegal garbage dumps

The ONLY way to control this garbage is to have someone tasked with keeping it clean. To not have anyone removing this trash is asinine. 

Mobile City Council members should be up for charges for allowing Mobile area waterways to become polluted.

This area of Dog River was just cleaned by Wolfdog and is already getting trashed again. Unfortunately Wolfdog who was removing river garbage disappeared and the rains continue to bring garbage into the tidal zone.

Shoreline near Dog River park, also recently cleaned is trashy again. Kind of difficult to see the subject of the photo (crab) for all the trash.

Shoreline of Dog River.

Not all the shoreline along Dog River is full of Mobile's garbage. Some areas are kept clean and can be enjoyed.

What's on TV? Water and plants. 

Enjoy your Alabama Seafood probably laden with Mercury from Cathode Ray Tubes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

08/12/2012 - One Mile Creek and Maple Street Canal - Mobile Octo-Morons

Header Image - a photo of what it is like to kayak in one of Mayor Scum Jones' urban creeks located in Billy Boy Carroll's district. Yes, I am giving nicknames to city officials because - look at the photos - they deserve it! In reality, city officials should be facing jail terms for this pollution, not name jesting.

Today was the Octo-moron paddle. It has been EIGHT months since I complained to the City of Mobile about the litter in their Maple Street Canal. The MORONS have not done a single thing to remove this garbage. I'm serious - this garbage is sickening. John Scumbell should be fired.

Here is a view of City of Mobile Property (R022906151000001.) Apparently the wheeling and dealing City of Mobile officials do not care about their waterfront property. Scumball Jones is allowing Mobile waterways to become public landfills and ADEM has their head up someone's rectum because they are blind to this crappy mess.

One Mile Creek and all the adjacent properties are as polluted as Maple Street Canal.
The Mayor of Mobile, the Mobile City Council, City and County Public Works, Alabama Marine Police, United States Coast Guard, United States Fish and Wildlife, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Corps of Engineers, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Keep Mobile Beautiful, City of Mobile Urban Development Safety Unit, Mobile County Department of Environmental Enforcement, Mobile County Health Department, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and many local environmental groups - you all know about this pollution and you all should all hang your head in shame for allowing this garbage to continue to rot along the shoreline and in the water. 

Not a single person removes the public's garbage from these waterways? WTF is wrong with all of you?

A heron in One Mile Creek. The majority of garbage is behind the weeds and on the shorelines.

Maple Street Canal. If this is the public's trash and the public has no one removing it, then the public is retarded for polluting its own water. Anarchy can't be far behind when a society craps in its own water and chooses to leave it there to rot. Enjoy your Alabama Seafood seasoned with aroma de poop and coated with chemical da BPA.

It is funny to see the Apple Snail population increasing with thanks to a City of Mobile garbage can that has been laying in this creek for almost a year.

Maple Street Canal Apple Snail laid eggs on a twig. Apple Snails in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta should not be a concern because it is evident that officials don't give a rat's ass about the health of area waterways.

An alligator in Three Mile Creek where it looks like herbicide had been used to kill shoreline vegetation.

A turtle drying out its dirt caked shell next to a garbage bag look-a-like.

Lake Drive Tricentennial Park overflowing garbage can contributing to the litter in Three Mile Creek. The Mayor's strict litter enforcement should begin with the City Parks department. Unfortunately, much of the litter problem is the result declining levels of city services that your tax dollars pay for. Public Works does less and you pay more.