Tuesday, July 30, 2013

07/30/2013 - Alligator Bayou

1) Someone enjoying a morning paddle on Dog River.

2) Dolphins in Dog River.

3) Fishing Spider.

4) An rather large alligator in Alligator Bayou.

5) Beach overcrowding.

6) Closeup of an Alien.

7) Alligator Bayou on a Hot puffy cloud summer day.

Monday, July 29, 2013

07/29/2013 - Rabbit Creek

1) Rabbit Creek - two white egrets and one osprey.

2) Osprey

3) Rabbit Creek resident caught with a mouthful. 

4) Big White Birdy

5) Snails wearing snail helmets.

6) Along came a heavy rain to cool things off.

Friday, July 26, 2013

07/26/2013 - Halls Mill Creek and Rattlesnake Bayou

1) It is remarkable how well this frog blends in with its surrounding.

2) Wanna Race?

3) Catching a little Air Time on Dog River.

4) He would rather be kayaking.

5) Many waterways and canals were densely clogged with grass.

6) Here are two Manatees chowing down on that grass.

7) No motor boats will be going through this grass, but a kayak can.  :)

8) A dragonfly oblivious to the giant it landed on.

9) The six-spot fishing spider looks like it has boxing gloves on.

10) A most beautiful day to be kayaking.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

07/24/2013 - Dog River Watershed

Cute wake boarder with a happy face.

Sunrise over Dog River

Small 2-3 foot alligator in Dog River watershed. Yep, there are still a few around.

A fish does not stand a chance against those claws. Ouch!

Kudzu praying hands. Amen!

Markings on a gar fish.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

07/18/2013 - Paynes Creek

1) This winged creature fluttered by and alit on a Pickerelweed flower.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

07/14/2013 - Church Of Manatees

Happy Birthday Brother! Miss Ya.

1) First wisps of color in the sky above Dog River.

2) Had planned to kayak out into Mobile Bay but winds were brisker than expected. Wave action was confused causing me to quickly get soaked on the sit-on-top kayak, so I turned around and went back into the sheltered waters of Dog River.

3) Back in Dog River, the waves were not bad. Clouds hid the sunrise.

4) I went to the Church of the Manatees this morning. See the big tail?

5) It is always a pleasure to share time with the Creator's critters.

6) In murky water, often the only sign of Manatees being in the area is hearing breathing and seeing the ripple where the nose protrudes above the water. See the breathing hole? 

7) One of the manatees looks like it had been hit with a boat propeller. There is no slowing down the boats in Dog River.

Monday, July 08, 2013

07/08/2013 - Big Creek Lake

1) Nice day to kayak on Big Creek Lake.

2) New signs at Big Creek Lake by US 98.

3) Hey Hey, what is that lurking on the edge of that Torpedo Grass? The tail should help you identify it.

4) One thing for sure, Big Creek Lake is bustling with life.

5) Critters with no visible pupil need a little respect because of poisonous venom. Note the angled snout.

6) Round pupil snakes have no venom and are not to be feared. Note the rounded snout and smiley face.

7) I usually look carefully for snakes and wasp nests before going under shoreline shrubbery. As I was backing away from the bank after taking photos of shoreline trash, nature left me a reminder to be more careful. There had been a snake perched on a limb way over my head which is visible on the branch near the top of this photo in the middle. Note to self: Snakes can lurk real high up. Be more observant for safety's sake.

8) Luckily the snake that could have dropped on my head was a harmless water snake.

9) The little flowers of Carolina Fanwort were dense in some places.

10) The contrasting colors of yellow flowers and red leaves were pleasing to the eye. Big Creek Lake is a beautiful place to kayak because of its abundant wildlife (saw a deer too), clear water, and wide variety of aquatic plant life.

11) Had to deal with this for about 45 minutes while headed back to the launch site. Ended up getting thoroughly soaked.