Monday, July 04, 2005

07/04/2005 – Steele Creek Park to Black Creek

Launch: Steele Creek Park. Launch Cost: Free. Route: Kayak a short distance south and then east along Steele Creek into Gunnison Creek, then southeast a little over a mile to Bayou Sara. East and then South along Bayou Sara about 4 miles. Black Creek is just before the Railroad Bridge on the right. Distance: 15.9 miles. Average Speed: 3.2 mph. Time: Approx 5 hrs. Pace: Moderate to Leisurely. Weather: Armpit drenching humid and hot to begin with. Got rained on several times, but it was only for short periods and a very welcome relief to the heat. Was fighting a headwind out of the south when the distant storms grew large and were pulling in vast amounts of hot air. Type Kayak: Paddle.

(1) Above photomerge. Steele Creek Park is a really a nice public park that not many kayakers know about. If you are looking for a new place to try paddling, you might consider Satsuma for a launch site.

(2) Above left. There was plenty of moisture in the air when starting out – I hadn’t experienced this type of humidity in quite a while. It was hot! (3) Above right. Gunnison Creek was adorned with this beautiful man-made watercraft art that was advertised as being for sale. Why don’t we leave our roadways littered with broken down cars like we leave our rivers littered with broken down boats?

(4) Above left. Thankfully, mother nature also litters the banks of creeks with her art. The Mallows are quite beautiful right now (aka Rose Mallow, Swamp Mallow, Swamp Rose). This shot was taken not long after it rained. In several instances today, it was raining while the sun was shinning. Oh, that felt good. (5) Above right. Another interesting flower shaped like a bell, called a Leather Flower was also in the botanical art show.

(6) Above left. Black creek, which I remember as having nice black water, was quite turbid. Perhaps the opening up of the Pumphouse Canal has opened up Black Creek to more flow from Mobile River. (7) Above right. The grass or sedge was quite beautiful along Black Creek. Even Black Creek was clogged up with the little floating leaves. Heard some wild pigs off in the distance.

(8) Above left. After sitting for extended periods in a kayak, it gets cramped. When the urge to stand up and stretch hits, old cypress logs are perfect, although you can’t walk far, and you have to maintain a sense of balance if you don’t want to go for a swim. Plus, as I learned yesterday, before you get out of the kayak, look around to see if the log is owned by an alligator. (9) Above right. Parting Shot. Here was one of several “DANGER” signs. Danger of what? Rednecks with guns that have no respect for the property of others?

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