Sunday, April 09, 2006

04/09/2006 – Meaher Park to Ducker Bay

Launch: Meaher Park public boat ramp. Launch Cost: Free. Route: Paddle along the north edge of Ducker Bay. Distance: 4.3 miles. Average Speed: 1.5 mph. Time: Approx 3 hrs. Pace: Slow. Weather: Sunny, temp in the 70s, low humidity, very little current and change of tide. Type Kayak: Paddle kayak because Ducker Bay is very shallow.

(1) Above left. The two launch ramps at Meaher Park. (2) Above right. A Great Blue Heron looking for food.

(3) Above left. Spider Lily buds with the moon in the background. (4) Above right. A Killdeer.

(5) Above left. Alligators were abundant today. (6) Above right. Meaher Park appeared to be closed. Instead of human visitors, several alligators were sunning on the beach.

(7) Above left. Snails were attached all over on the grasses and sedges near the water line. Plus, if you look closely on the left side of the closest stem, you can see something has laid little white eggs. (8) Above right. This is a close-up image of one of the snails.

(9) Above left. I certainly enjoyed this sunset on Ducker Bay, looking at the Meaher Park boardwalk. (10) Above right. An alligator appears to be enjoying the sunset, too.

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