Saturday, May 13, 2006

05/13/2006 - Chickasaw Creek

Launch: Tucker’s Launch on the southwest corner of US 43 at Chickasaw Creek. Launch Cost: $3. Route: Southeast down Chickasaw Creek to Mobile River and then back. Distance: 8.1 miles. Average Speed: 4.1 mph. Time: Approx 2 hrs. Pace: Fast. Weather: Sunny and warm.

Since my morning paddle turned into a disaster, I decided to try out the Hobie Adventure again for an evening sunset paddle trying out the new turbo flipper fins. 4.1 mph was a pretty impressive average speed considering I was slowing down and stopping in some instances to take photos.

(1) Above left. A barge turning into the Mobile River from Chickasaw Creek – a narrow passage in tricky current. This tugboat pilot did it perfectly. (2) Above right. Experiencing sunsets from the water makes me feel more alive.

(3)(4) Above left and right. Here are two more sunset photos from Chickasaw Creek. I love sunrises and sunsets, but, you probably know that by now. :)

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