Saturday, June 17, 2006

06/17/2006 – Owl Creek and Maple Creek

Launch: Cliff’s Landing in Baldwin County off Highway 225. Launch Cost: Free. Route: Across the Tensaw about 1.25 miles southwest to Negro Lake, then north about 2.5 miles to Owl Creek. Expore Owl Creek, back to Negro Lake, then about 1.5 miles north to Maple Creek. Then back to the launch site. Distance: 24.0 miles round trip. Average Speed: 3.6 mph. Time: Approx 7 hrs. Pace: Leisurely to fast. Weather: Steamy in the morning and sunny all day low tide and minimal current.

(1) Above left. The morning was hot and steamy – so hazy that photos on the Tensaw did not turn out worth posting. This photo was taken on Negro Lake. (2) Above right. This was also taken on Negro Lake. I was attempting to get the sunrise showing behind the osprey eagle nest and just as I snapped the shot, a large spoonbill catfish jumped out of the water, as shown in the lower right of the photo. You wouldn't want one of these fish jumping into you while kayaking!

(3) Above left. The waters of Owl Creek were still at low tide with plenty of surrounding green, birds, fish, and alligators. (4) Above right. Even though the sun was out, trees kept me shaded until about 11:00 am. This shot was from the upper end (lower end) of Maple Creek.

(5) Above left. There were lots of cypress knees on today’s paddle. (6) Above right. A cute baby alligator. Momma was nearby. It is really sad to hear that Alabama is going to start allowing hunting of alligators again.

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