Sunday, August 13, 2006

08/13/2006 – Bay Minette Creek

Launch: Buzbee’s. Launch Cost: $3. Route: I chose to pedal around the Bay Minette Creek area because nearby thunderstorms were kicking up strong winds. Distance: 7.2 miles. Average Speed: 3.5 mph. Time: Approx 2 hrs. Pace: Moderate. Weather: Hot in the 90s, partly cloudy, breezy winds out of the south, little in way of tide or current.

(1) Above left. A nearby thunderstorm kicks up the winds. (2) Above right. After reaching the open waters of Bay Minette Basin, I could tell the small chop would slap waves on the front of the kayak and the resultant spray would get me soaked. Didn’t feel like getting wet, so I turned around to go up the wind protected Bay Minette Creek. The thunderstorm was behind me.

(3) Above left. Cardinal flowers were blooming in Bay Minette Basin. (4) Above right. A pea type plant with yellow flowers grew in sponge thick masses.

(5) Above left. Up in Bay Minette Creek, there were plenty of odd looking flowers, like these inconspicuous flowers in the water. (6) Above right. Some flowers also stood out above all others, like this yellow milkwort (Polygala cymosa).

(7) Above left. Upstream in Bay Mintette Creek, the waters became slick after the storm dissipated. (8) Above right. I did a quick U-turn after passing by a branch sticking out of the water. The ripples in the water are from my wake.

(9) Above left. What caught my attention was something attached to the underside of the branch. I’ve seen a lot of mud dauber (mud wasp) nests, but never one like this. (10) Above right. There were also some shrubs displaying their yellow blooms. This was a nice trip.

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