Monday, January 01, 2007

01/01/2007 - Mobile River Fireworks Show

Launch: Triple public boat ramps in the middle of the Causeway on the North side.
Launch Cost: Free.
Route: Down the Tensaw River, around Choctaw Point, up Mobile River to near Austal and then back.
Distance: 11.9 miles.
Average Speed: 3.2 mph.
Time: Approx 4 hrs.
Pace: Moderate.
Weather: Winds calm, temperature low 50s, and bright moon shining. Receding tide - current was going out 2.5 - 3.5 mph.

1) I’m between the interstate lanes heading out to watch the midnight fireworks from Mobile River.

2) This is what Mobile River looks like at night. One has to be very careful when kayaking in this busy river, especially at night when it is necessary to see the moving lights amid all the stationary lights.

3) I got to the fireworks show about 3 minutes late due to a running light that refused to work and a chain on the pedal unit broke about 20 minutes into the trip and had to be replaced.

4) The reflections of the fireworks on the water were amazing. A couple of the fireworks were the biggest ones I’ve ever seen and with them came some of the strongest concussions I’ve ever felt. It helps to have the best seat to watch the fireworks from.

5) There is a tugboat passing in this view – it is between the tall RSA building and the new state docks crane to the right of it.

6) After fighting some strong currents on the way back, I took a photo of the battleship with the moon shining above it. This was a very good way to start the New Year off. Hope your New Year gets off to a great start as well!

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  1. great night shots! you are da best, bro!


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