Friday, April 10, 2009

04/10/2009 - Rabbit Creek

Launch: John's Launch.
Route: Up Rabbit Creek to the big log and back.
Weather: Partly cloudy, mid 70s, breezy (Small Craft Advisory)

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1) Where to go on windy days? Inland! Rabbit Creek was the choice today and compared with Dog River, this creek was a real pleasure to paddle. Instead of colored trash labels catching the eye, it was wildflowers.

2) Possumhaw or Viburnum.

3) Blue Flag or Iris.

4) Blue-Eyed Grass (Sisyrinchium). Both of these wildflowers are in the Iris Family.

5) Nature provides an abundance of interesting things if you stop for a moment and observeThis is a leafy liverwort on tree bark. From a distance, it merely shades the tree bark.

6) Top of a Royal Fern spike - it had interesting texture.

7) Some of the wildflowers pictures I take are quite small.

8) A close-up shot was taken of the small flower I was pointing at in the left photo, and cropped to produce this one - identity unknown.

9) Getting close to Sunset on Rabbit Creek.

10) The side railings of someone's boathouse deck. This was a nice paddle - indeed a Good Friday.

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