Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12/13/2011 - Three Mile Creek and One Mile Creek Pollution

I filed some complaints about the pollution in Mobile's urban waterways and the lack of authorities doing anything about it on December 12, 2011. Both Three Mile Creek and one of its tributaries, One Mile Creek are polluted with public trash, some of it hazardous. An old landfill called Hickory Street Landfill is eroding and hazardous contents from the toxic chemicals dumped there decades ago, appear to be leaching into the water. Could One Mile Creek be Mobile's Love Canal? I will be posting photos to show how well authorities are responding to get the trash removed. Day One after the complaint - no change. Enjoy your Alabama Seafood.

Gas container floating in water and trash embedded in creek bank.

Spray bottle with unknown contents rusting in the water.

Multi-colored sheen on water.

Hickory Street Landfill appears to be leaking toxic pollution into One Mile Creek.

Something has been eating the styrofoam container.

Scenic waters of Three Mile Creek.

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