Saturday, January 09, 2016

Ugly Rattlesnake Bayou

Rattlesnake Bayou is known for its summer visits by the protected Manatees. Unfortunately the area around the Rangeline Road bridge near where the manatees feed is getting more polluted with motorist's litter. 

Doesn't it give you a great sense of security to see much of the motorist litter being empty bottles of alcohol? Drink the booze while driving and chunk the evidence.

Anyway, ALDOT failed to put up a fence to block motorist litter from going into Rabbit Creek. ALDOT apparently has no program to remove roadside litter from waterways in the vicinity of ALDOT bridges.

Apparently Alabama Department of Environmental Management's NPDES permit for ALDOT does not require ALDOT to do anything to either deter polluting of waterways that busy State highways cross or do anything to remove the motorist trash pollution from the waterways State highways cross.

It is pollution as usual in Mobile Alabama and no one gives a fuck even when the waterway is a documented destination of the rare and protected Sea Cows. Are environmental watch dog groups like Mobile Baykeeper too busy organizing beer parties to be concerned about waterway pollution? It appears so.

There are not many waterways in Mobile that state roads cross and they are all trashy in the vicinty of bridges.

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