Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sediment Pollution Consequences

The clumps of grasses seen growing here in the middle of Chacaloochee Bay were not there just a few years ago. 

I have seen the large wakes Airboats and Go-Devil Boats leave behind up close in the narrow upstream tribitaries as they pass by. After seeing the very visible sediment erosion left by the big wakes, it certainly is no surprise to see results of the unnatural wave action. 

Narrow waterways like Savage Ditch that I used to be able navigate through using a pedal kayak are now too shallow to use due to sediment deposit.

That destructive Airboat and Go-Devil wake erosion filling up the narrow upstream tributaries trickle downstream making bays like Chacaloochee Bay more shallow.

The bad news is the more waterways in the Mobile Delta are filled in with boat wake erosion the less capacity those waterways have to carry rain water. Than means worse flooding related to natural heavy rain events can be expected in the future.

The good news is as waterways get more shallow the less motor boats will be using them. The fewer motor boats there are the better the kayaking experience.

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