Monday, May 23, 2016

Dog River Escort

A sole dolphin gave me a 45 minute escort down Dog River. That was a special treat.

Sometimes the dolphin swam in front and sometimes on the side or behind.

Much of the dolphin was covered in a thick algae and it swam pretty slow.


  1. Gosh I hope that dolphin was alright. Nice that you had an escort!

  2. That is so cool. Think the dolphin was sick?

  3. Hi Rob- my husband and I are about to purchase an Alden 18 rowing shell...would halls mill creek be wide enough for this type of shell... Run into any gators or small sharks.. This would be nice to know in advance..

    1. Rowing shells usually work best on long straight waterways. Halls Mill Creek has a lot of curves and gets rather narrow the further up you go. You would have more room in lower Dog River. No worries about alligators or sharks.


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