Friday, June 03, 2016

Gilliard Island Rookery

Gilliard Island is a dredge spoil site about 6 miles around that is home to a high number of birds. These are some Terns and Black Skimmers.

This island that is off limits to the public, is actually great place to kayak around in June bcause Thousands of Brown Pelicans are nesting.

All the spots in the shoreline shrubbery are the heads of nesting pelicans.

This was an Oil Rig being towed in the Theodore Industrial Canal Ship Channel that runs along the southwest side of Gilliard Island.


  1. Wish me and Jimmy could've been there! Bet it smelled good - hah!

  2. Remarkably there was not a hint of guano smell in the air thanks to the wind being from the right direction.


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