Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mobile Waterway Blues

This is what kayaking in Mobile's Trashy urban waterways is like. Sadly, this is after 5 years of filing complaints about the City's waterway trash pollution problem to the City of Mobile and to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.

Insanely, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) sets no limit on the amount of litter and industrial trash that a community puts into its public waterways.

You heard right. In Alabama if the surface of a public waterway is completely covered with trash (some of the trash toxic), ADEM does NOT consider the waterway to be polluted. That is retarded.

Even though technology, growing at a leaps and bounds pace, is making life easier, the level of human intelligence continues to spiral downward just as fast.


  1. Would involving higher-ups, as in the Feds, get any results? C'mon, this is despicable.

  2. The pollution discharge rules that Mobile follows are ADEM's rules written to meet the Federal laws like the Clean Water Act. It seems the Feds do not believe that a waterway buried in trash is polluted. These trashy waterways in Mobile remain polluted after almost 5 years of complaints to the US EPA.

  3. Disgusting. Keep posting. Send pics to everybody.


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