Saturday, March 12, 2005

03/12/05 - Welcome to Rob's Blog

Hello! Welcome to Rob's Blog.

The objective of this blog is to share some of my experiences paddling and pedaling in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, including Mobile Bay, and the Barrier Islands. Hopefully it will entice some of you to get out and experience your own kayaking adventures.

This blog also serves as a historical archive of sorts. A few years ago, you could paddle up to and touch the anchor of the Battleship USS Alabama whereas now, the Battleship is enclosed by a sea wall. The LST-325 spent some time off Chickasaw Creek and now it is gone for good. Same with people. One day you're enjoying the company of someone like Larry McDuff and then next day he is gone. Photos help us to remember people. Skylines constantly change, shorelines change, etc., so what is shown in the photos that you see now, will probably not be the same decades and centuries from now. Future generations can look back at the content of some of these blogs, if the content still exists, and either admire or be sickened by the way we live today. Perhaps they can even learn from our history.

The photos on this blog have all been drastically reduced in size to save space and help speed up display, not to mention the reduced size curtails the use of printing these photos should someone want to steal the photos for their own profit. If you have a particular need to print any of these, I still have most of the unedited photos.

Last but not least, this is a blog, a novel idea not even a decade old. Where will the content of this blog go when I'm dead and gone and no one is editing or adding to it anymore? Many free internet sites in the past disappeared after the company went bankrupt. So, if you see photos you want for a screen saver or something, by all means, get them while you can. No one knows how long Blogger will remain active.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the adventures in this kayaking photo blog. Comments are welcome.


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