Wednesday, August 03, 2005

08/03/2005 – Tucker's Thunderstorm

Launch: Tucker’s Launch (aka Brooks Park) on US-43 just south of Saraland. Launch Cost: $1. Route: West on Chickasaw Creek. Distance: 5.9 miles. Average Speed: 3.6 mph. Time: Approx 1.5 hrs. Pace: Leisurely to Moderate. Weather: Thunderstorm, then steady rain, mild temps, no wind.

You would think that after I discovered green sewer smelling flow in Chickasaw Creek yesterday, that I’d have sense enough to stay away. What, me worry? Naaa, I decided to go the other way – upstream. (1) Above left. Weather conditions looked pretty grim at the launch site, so I quickly launched the kayak in order to be in the water before the storm came. The after work storm generated quite a few electrical spikes to the ground with great sound effects. Rather than take off in the rain, I played spectator under a bridge for 30 minutes until the electrical bolts eased up. Then off into the rain I went. (2) Above right. The heavy rain resulted in faster than usual current which I had to fight going up Chickasaw Creek. Averaged about 2.5 - 3.0 mph up, and 4.5 – 5.0 mph back down. I started out in a gentle rain and then it rained hard again. Matter of fact, it rained the entire two hours I was on the water. There were a few brief moments of light rain like above. Considering the alternative – 95 degrees and humid, I much prefer 75 degrees and wet. This was a nice trip.

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