Sunday, August 21, 2005

08/21/2005 - 2001 Desktop Backgrounds

Here are photos from 2001 to use as Desktop Backgrounds.
Show your employer what you would rather be doing. (Grin)
Click on any image for a larger view, then
right click on larger image and set as background.

(1) Above left. Red Creek, Eastern Shore 7-4-2001.
(2) Above right. Whiskey Ditch 7-5-2001.

(3) Above left. Bayou Tallapoosa 8-12-2001.
(4) Above right. Little Dauphin Island 9-22-2001.

(5)(6) Above left & right. Fort Morgan Beach 8-25-2001.

(7) Above left. Stormy Sand Island 9-3-2001.
(8) Above right. My first kayak trip - Presley's Lake 6-16-2001

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