Saturday, November 25, 2006

11/25/2006 - Little Lagoon

Launch: Little Lagoon Pass which is about 2.8 miles west of County Road 59 where it dead ends at Gulf Shores. Launch Cost: Free. Route: Explore the perimeter of Little Lagoon east of the Pass, then back to the launch site. Distance: 12.7 miles. Average Speed: 2.8 mph. Time: Approx 5 hrs. Pace: Leisurely. Weather: Sunny and cool, temp from the upper 50s to lower 70s in the afternoon. Low tide and no current. Persistent winds were out of the east about 10-15 mph.

(1) Above left. I wanted to play in the big waters today and decided to put in at Little Lagoon Pass just west of Gulf Shores. Direct entry into the Gulf waters looked futile as the 3 foot waves which I had not expected, were crashing with crushing thuds. It was chilly outside at launch time and I did not want to get soaked. Little Lagoon Pass was also out of the question as it was too shallow for a pedal kayak. So I decided on alternate plan B which was to explore in the sheltered waters of Lagoon Pass and get in a little sailing. (2) Above right. Even in Lagoon Pass, the winds were relentless and they kicked up a little chop. Days like this when there are no motorboats out on the water make for pleasant kayaking and sailing. You won’t find many sailboats in this lagoon because the waters are too shallow.

(3) Above left. Kayak fishing is becoming popular. (4) Above right. Howdy neighbor! Can you imagine what a small beach house owner feels like when their next door neighbor puts up a monstrosity like this?

(5) Above left. On the southeast side of Little Lagoon, there are some canals to explore and they provide a welcome relief to the wind on the open waters. (6) Above right. This home on one of the canals had some nice frosted image type windows.

(7) Above left. Saw my first mermaid today. This mermaid looked like she was watering the flowers. (8) Above right. This was a large sandpiper like bird, only its beak was curved.

(9) Above left. Is there more to life than kayaking? Some people think so. (10) Above right. All good kayaking days must come to an end.

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