Saturday, March 03, 2007

03/03/2007 – Canal Island

Launch: Hubbard Landing (about 7.5 miles north of Stockton).
Launch Cost: $5.
Route: Launch at Hubbard Landing going north up Tensaw Lake - explore Proctor Creek, Big Beaver Creek, Canal Island, Napp Lake, and Little Lake.
Distance: 18.9 miles round trip.
Average Speed: 3.3 mph.
Time: Approx 6 hrs.
Pace: Leisurely to Moderate.
Weather: Mostly clear, temperature 65-70 degrees, winds out of the north 5-10 mph, low tide and a slight current.

1) As I was about to launch at Hubbard Landing, Ian and three of his friends pulled up and started the puzzling task of loading their kayaks for an overnight trip to the Canal Island platform.

2) Proctor creek was a big disappointment. It was littered with a maze of downed trees and limbs. The first tree trunk totally blocking the creek was my turn around point. Why portage when you don’t have to? Don’t waste your time going up Proctor creek.

3) The Canal Island Platform. What is nice about this platform is the land next to it is high enough to be suitable for hiking.

4) I saw plenty of these yellow butterweed flowers during a short hike.

5) I was surprised to see a lot of reptilian life in Napp Lake. For the next month or two, it is definitely a good time to get out in a kayak if you want to see reptiles. A turtle stretches out his body to get maximum absorption of the sun.

6) A fearless alligator soaks up sun while it checks out the blue kayak.

7) As I was heading into Canal Island to see if Ian and his friends Nate, Jon, and Ali had made it to the Platform, they were headed out and chose to go to Napp Lake. 

8) I went south to explore Little Lake. The first thing I noticed was the amount of what looked like pollen on the water’s surface - it gave Little Lake an eerie swampy look.

9) Near the end of Little Lake, a pocket of air bubbles made me wonder what was under the waters in this spot, and how big was it?

10) I wanted to be in Big Beaver Creek area at sunset, thinking that with all its turns, I’d find some place to for good viewing of the sunset and moon rise. It worked out well.

11) The waters slicked off and the heavenly creator treated me to an awesome eclipsed moon rise which occurred about 30 minutes after the sunset. It was wonderful paddling the last hour back to the launch site in the dark with the brightening moon reflecting off the waters while I breathed in cool crisp air. I love kayaking!

Trip Track on a Quad Map.

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  1. Yellow flowers: butter weed, also known as wild celery. Fills the roadside ditches around Baton Rouge this time of year. Lovely! and love from NANNIE


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