Sunday, March 25, 2007

03/25/2007 – Bay Grass

Launch: Public boat ramps (triple set) just west of the I-10 crossing on the north side of the Causeway (Highway 90).
Launch Cost: Free.
Route: Northwest across the Tensaw River and Delvan Bay to Spanish River, back down to Bay Grass, and then return to the launch site.
Distance: 12.5 miles.
Average Speed: 2.7 mph.
Time: Approx 4.5 hrs.
Pace: Slow.
Weather: Sunny with temps 70-80. Rising tide and about a 1 mph current, winds 5-10 mph initially out of the north, turning calm, then turning out of the southeast.

1) An osprey eagle nest seen on the way up to Mobile River. Unfortunately, the pedal kayak broke down again (3 major breakdowns in the last 6 trips) and I discovered not having a replacement sprocket with me. The Hobie Mirage pedal drive unit has some design flaws and is not able to handle the turbo fins. I had to change the trip plan due to anticipated strong currents in Mobile River. The Outback is not a kayak you want to paddle against strong currents. So I turned around and stopped off at Bay Grass on the way back to the launch site.

2) The breakdown irritated me so much that for a minute I thought I was seeing double.

3) Here is another alligator absorbing the sun’s warmth.

4) A red eye’d coot keeping a watchful eye out on passing kayaks.

5) Not only did the coot ignore me, they were paying no attention to the nearby danger.

6) There were eyes watching my every movement while up in the Bay Grass area.

7) There was about a 30 minute lull in wind as it was changing directions from out of the north to the south. This allowed the waters to slick off. I love kayaking on slick waters.

8) Thousands of people cross the Mobile Delta every day on Interstate 10 who probably don’t have a clue what lurks in the waters below them.

9) A white ibis in search of crabs.

10) Trip Track. Despite the letdown of another kayak breakdown this turned out to be a very gator abundant trip. Those type trips always add to the excitement.

"When things are perfect, that's when you need to worry most."
-Drew Barrymore

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  1. SOME of us know pretty well what's lurking below the bayway, bro. You'll never find me leaping over the side - if I can help it! love from seestah N.


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