Tuesday, September 29, 2009

09/29/2009 - MC River Delta Marina (aka Dead Lake Marina)

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1) Flood waters had the muddy river flowing swiftly.

2) Nice sized alligator taking an afternoon nap.

3) Destination for today is a clearing off the Mobile River. The usual sandy beach area was under water.

4) The clearing hosts a lot of different wildflowers. Mist Flower and Goldenrod was abundant.

5) Sneezeweed or Bitterweed.

6) Ironweed or Queen of the Meadow.

7) An unusual white variety of mist flower.

8) White Swamp Aster.

9) Every kayaking trip is an adventure into the world of nature. Here is an odd looking bug I've never seen before.

10) Upstream from Dead Lake Marina the swamp grows thick and the waters become stagnant.

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