Wednesday, September 30, 2009

09/30/2009 - Black Creek

1) Marsh-Fleabane is abundant along the banks.

2) Bayou Sara - no air movement, hot, humid, another summer day in fall.

3) Black Creek tributary. I took a break in the nearby woods (higher land) and after hearing what sounded like wild pigs headed my way, dashed back to the kayak and headed to the safety of the water. It was probably an armadillo.

4) Black Creek obviously gets its name from the dark waters.

5) This grasshopper tends to blend in with its environment.

6) Green tree frog is easily identified by the yellow stripe running down its side.

7) Cattail coming apart.

8) Close up of a flower on a Groundsel Tree which is actually a salt marsh shrub, not a tree.

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