Saturday, May 29, 2010

05/29/2010 - Wickford RI

Vacation Paddle Trip
The Kayak Centre in downtown Wickford, RI
Destination: Explore the area around Wickford and North Kingstown southwest of Providence, Rhode Island.
Weather: Sunny to Partly Cloudy, wonderful temperature.
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1) While on vacation in New England I did manage to get in a few kayaking trips. Rented a kayak from The Kayak Centre in Wickford, RI.

2) They were busy.

3) Lots of kayakers on the waters.

4) Lobster traps on a boat.

5) Water was very clear compared to the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta waters. Touching a clam in this photo.

6) There were plenty of small and large rocks along the waters.

7) There nice homes along the shorelines.

8) Wow, check this nice home out.
9) Sadly, a sign of the times - pollution is everywhere!

10) End of the trip - could not go any further up this creek.

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