Wednesday, June 02, 2010

06/02/2010 - Nauset Harbor, Cape Cod, MA

Vacation Paddle Trip
Rented a kayak from a place in North Cape Cod (can't remember the name) and they transported the kayak to the put in at Hemenway Road Public Launch north of Orleans, Cape Cod, MA
Destination: Explore the area around Nauset Harbor/Bay.
Weather: Was suppose to be sunny and 70 degrees so I wore a t-shirt. It stayed foggy and cloudy and the temperature never rose above 57 degrees. Brrrr.
To see or download the track of this trip, Click Here.

1) It is always a concern when kayaking in a new area, especially with low visibility. I did take a GPS, map and compass.

2) Standard shore birds - gulls.

3) A big white swan paddling at 4 mph.

4) Geese paddling much slower.

5) A lobster boat. Boats are anchored in the harbor, not at docks.

6) Lobster trap markers.

7) Rental kayak. I stayed on the inland side opting to play it safe rather than deal with unknown currents at the opening to the Atlantic.

8) Was surprised to see about a half dozen seals closely monitoring my activity from a distance.

9) Snails dotting the bottom of the harbor.

10) Met two kayakers that had been kayaking out in Atlantic and I tagged along with them on the way back to the launch site.
A brief note about renting kayaks in New England. Kayak rental places do not provide paddle floats, pumps, or spray skirts. If you plan on doing any serious kayaking while traveling, take your own gear - even if you plan on renting a kayak.

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