Saturday, August 21, 2010

08/21/2010 - Gas Line Canal Double Crosser

Launch: Hurricane Landing off Hwy 225 in Baldwin County.
Launch Cost: $2
Destination: Paddle the Gas Line canal from one end to the other and back.
Distance: 21.9 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 6.5 hours
Weather: Hot humid morning. Rain and thunderstorms in afternoon.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) The gas line is occasionally visible along the edge of the canal. If there is gas flowing in this pipeline, I'd be worried the line will be broken by the forces of nature.  

2) This was another hot day with little air movement. Only saw about half a dozen boats.

3) Immature fruits (about an inch long) on a Water Tupelo tree (Nyssa aquatica).

4) The fruit of a red buckeye.

5) I took a side trip up Little Briar Creek and it was beautiful.

6) The rotating railroad bridge on Mobile River near river mile 14 is being replaced by a lift bridge. Info about things like construction on the waterway can be found in the Local Notice to Mariners weekly updates. (LNM). You can subscribe to this areas LNM by clicking here: 8TH DISTRICT LOCAL NOTICE TO MARINERS

7) Toothpick grasshoppers were all over the shoreline vegetation.

8) The dragon fly is a beneficial insect of magnificent design that almost floats through the air, has the ability to hover, and has so much aerial control that it can grab other flying food in mid air. How can their little brain independently control four wings that are so close together with such a degree of finesse? Here is a close up look at the control center of the wings. The designer of life is astonishing.

9) Why do spiders have so many eyes? I guess they have an eye for each leg, just like we do.

10) Saw over three dozen nests perched on limbs hanging over the water and sometimes hidden by the leaves. Luckily, wasps do not seem to panic when a kayaker passes closely but lord help you if you ever accidentally disturb a nest with your kayak or face because you are not paying attention to your surroundings as you paddle.

11) After reaching the far end of the gas line canal and taking a well needed break (nice break area on land with a dock and boat ramp), it started raining.

12) It rained four more times on the way back - just enough to raise the humidity level.

13) Luck of the shutter button caught a fish launching out of the water.

14) I can name you a dozen car models or two dozen TV programs but when it comes to naming wild berries, I am ignorant. I don't know what these berries are but they looked dangerous to me. The power of Television and Urban life disconnects most people from the land. That is sad for the future of the earth.

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