Saturday, August 07, 2010

08/07/2010 - Bayou La Batre

Launch: Bayou la Batre Public Launch
Destination: Bayou La Batre to see if the trash dump has changed.
Launch Cost: Free
Distance: 10 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 3-4 hours
Weather: Hot and Humid. Winds calm.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) Sunrise near Bayou La Batre. An Oil Spill Worker tent is visible in the background.

2) If the oil spill workers (seen in the background) really cared about the environment, this trash next to their headquarters would not be lining the shoreline.

3) Environmental Response vessels are nearby and I always end up paddling through chemical sheens up in Bayou La Batre (not related to the oil spill). 

4) This may have been paint, acetone, fuel or something else because the petroleum smell was very faint.

5) What has changed in Bayou La Batre is there is now blue goo on some of the shoreline vegetation, most likely related to the Oil Spill. Blue crude? 

6) Maybe it is paint. There is no telling what it is, but I did report it.

7) The latest trash polluting the shoreline is coming from the oil booms. Isn't that ironic? What was put out to protect the shoreline is ending up polluting it. Did the crab die because of the trash?

8) The waves beat up the oil boom material and the strands end up along the shoreline. This can't be good for the marine life and birds.

9) These are some of the sensitive marshes that key government people pretend to be protecting. As you can see, no one really cares about the marshes near Bayou La Batre. It has looked like this for YEARS.

10) Loose oil booms are ending up along the shorelines like these which are within eye sight of the oil spill worker boats.

11) Bayou La Batre looks beautiful from the distance, but looks in this case, are deceiving.

12) Will the trash ever be removed from the shoreline in Bayou La Batre? Keen eyes are watching.

13) Scenic Bayou La Batre as seen by Kayak. Thank you Alabama Governor Bob Riley, Mobile County Commissioner Mike Dean, and Bayou La Batre Mayor Stan Wright. Your commitment to the environment is very visible. 

14) Most of the trash seen in the Bayou La Batre posts is on the property of True World Foods, Inc. of Alabama. Land Parcels: R024702032000001. and R024408390005002.

15) More loose oil boom at the entrance to Bayou La Batre along with other large trash.

16) Did BP waste their money protecting Bayou La Batre marshland that looks like this year around? What do you think?

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