Saturday, January 15, 2011

01/15/2011 - Whiskey Ditch

Launch: Riverdocs on the Causeway (northeast of Ed's Seafood Shack)
Destination: Whiskey Ditch
Distance: 5.7 miles
Paddle time: A little over 2 hours
Weather: Mostly sunny, temp in the 60s. 5-10 mph winds. A beautiful day.

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1) Water levels were quite low at the launch site.

2) A couple of playful otters came swimming up to me in Whiskey Ditch.

3) Shore birds were taking advantage of the low tide.

4) Another shoreline bird.

5) It was suppose to be cloudy all day. Except for a brief line of clouds passing by, it was sunny all day.

6) The bandits were out.

7) A diving duck surfaced right next to the kayak and immediately took off running on the water.

8) A few minutes later the diving duck was on the mud bank playing dead as I paddled by.

9) It is hard to see big herons unless they move because they blend in so well with the dried vegetation.

10) Some hunters left a disgusting pig souvenir at the launch site. The only part it appears they took was the pigs head.

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