Sunday, September 26, 2010

09/26/2010 - Lower Crab Creek - Tensaw River Loop

Launch: Causeway Boat Ramp (just west of old Oysterella's restaurant)
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Mobile River Loop but settled for Lower Crab Creek Loop due to weather.
Distance: 10.5 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 2.5 hours
Weather: Partly cloudy, 80 degrees, winds picking up to about 20 mph due to passing thunderstorm. Tide coming in.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.

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1) With an approaching front, I thought it would be fun to get out in the kayak. To the south, it was bright and sunny.

2) To the north was the approaching front. I had planned on doing the Mobile River Loop but decided to shorten in due to the lightning way off in the distance.

3) Pedaling up Little Crab Creek was nice and speedy with the aid of some incoming tide.

4) Waters were still pretty slick.

5) Heading northeast on Lower Crab Creek just before entering the Tensaw River. The most enjoyable tailwind that had been pushing me would soon become a headwind.

6) Crossed over to the lee side of Tensaw River, looked across to the west, and realized I was going to get wet before getting back. The dropping cloud was just a down draft - no rotation at all.

7) Minacious clouds loomed ahead as the Mobile skyline disappeared from sight.

8) I jammed the kayak up in the shoreline weeds during the worst of the winds and lightning and headed toward the Battleship as the storm eased up and passed by. I enjoy kayaking in the warm rain as the umbrella keeps me dry. The feet and lower legs do get a little wet on the sit-on-top kayak, but at 80 degrees, it feels good.

9) The Battleship USS Alabama.

10) The fisherman on the right just caught one near the USS Drum.

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