Saturday, March 19, 2011

03/19/2011 - Pass Picada

Launch: Mobile Causeway aka US Hwy 90 at the Triple boat ramps
Launch Cost: Free
Destination: Pass Picada to watch the Moonrise
Distance: 10 miles (round trip)
Paddle time: 3-1/4 hours
Weather: 70s. Winds out of the south at about 5-10 mph. Current was strong in the Apalachee River. Water temp was about 65 degrees. Paddling on the sheltered side of the Causeway.

I had planned to join the Mobile Bay Canoe and Kayak Club moonrise paddle and for some reason, thought it was on Saturday. It was on Friday... Oh well, I got to see some photographers at the Riverdocs and enjoyed talking to someone who went on the paddle I missed.

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1) First thing noticeable thing on this paddle was loud noise. An airboat was running a regular route from the Bluegill restaurant. It did however, run at idle speed in Pass Picada.

2) The airboats have cut their own paths through the vegetation. With vegetation on the left and right, it gives riders the experience of speed. Unfortunately, when airboats run in places like Savage Ditch, which was once deep enough to take my pedal boat the whole way through it, it is now so shallow due to the shoreline erosion filling in the ditch, that I can't use a pedal boat in it anymore.

3) Another airboat path. You might want to avoid paddling in these paths. The good thing is the paths the airboats have created, have no erosion.

4) A bird was watching the kayak pass by with keen eyes.

5) A bird squawking about the beautiful sunset.

6) Indeed, a beautiful sunset. If you notice the specks in the sky, there were a lot of birds flying overhead.

7) The stump in Pass Picada, enhanced by a flash.

8) It wasn't long after sunset that the big moon rose over the horizon. The moon had a tint of red as it rose. What does a red moon mean?

9) The Bluegill restaurant provides live music starting at 6:00 pm most evenings to adjust your paddle cadence to. You can paddle right up to the dock, kick back and listen. Beverages are available if you are so inclined. You'll want to paddle with a visible light in Pass Picada at night so the airboat can see you.

10) Approaching the crossing of Interstate I-10 and US Highway 90 at night. I love night paddles and the moon provided so much light it actually cast a shadow.

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