Saturday, March 26, 2011

03/26/2011 - Pensacola Kayak Demo Day

Launch: Pensacola Kayak and Sail Company
Destination: Bayou Chico near Pensacola Florida to help out at the Pensacola Kayak and Sail Demo Day for Kayaks. Wanted to help watch for capsizes and be nearby ready to assist. Forecast called for windy conditions but the winds held off during the Demo. Thankfully no one had any problems.
Distance: 12.4 miles
Pedal time: 5 hours
Weather: 75 degrees and mostly sunny. Winds out of the southwest 5-10. Tide coming in. Current minimal. Water temp about 68 degrees.
GPS Track: None for this pedal trip.

1) The launch spot for the Kayak Demos was active from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Ducks were interested in all the activity.

2) At any given time, there were one to two dozen people out on the water testing (demo'ing) a kayak.

3) There were pedal kayaks, sit-on top kayaks, sit-in kayaks, and even Stand Up boards available for anyone to try out.

4) One of the advantages of SUP (Stand Up Paddling) compared to regular kayak paddling is the ability to get a better look into the water. That is especially nice in Florida where one can see deep into the clear waters.

5) There were schools of minnows being pursued by trout (according to a boat captain). The minnows jumped for safety when the kayak came near them.

6) Even sea gulls were pursuing the schools of minnows.

7) This dog had on a life jacket and was keenly watching something in the water.

8) A diving bird called a Cormorant can eat large meals. Click here to see how much they can swallow.

9) Ducks had fun paddling with the paddlers in Bayou Chico.

10) Time to relax for a while as the Kayak Demo day concluded. What an enjoyable day to be out pedaling in Bayou Chico and getting to visit with kayaking friends.

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