Monday, July 04, 2011

07/04/2011 - Mobile Fireworks Paddle

Header Image is a photo of an exploding fireworks shot.

1) The sun sets behind a bank of thunderstorms. The distant severe storms generated some wind which kicked up the waves enough to kayak surf which is what I did while waiting for dark. There were very few motor boats out on the water.

2) Early birds got a good seat on the bank of Mobile Bay just north of the Battleship to watch the fireworks.

3) The fireworks barge was placed near the USS Alabama. Geese came out to watch all the activity.

4) At dark, I paddled over to a sandy beach south of the Battleship and got out to watch the fireworks. The reverberation of the firework booms were wonderful.

5) Yes, I was patriotic enough to put a flag on the light mast pole.

6) One of the fireworks blew up way too low sending hot embers shooting into the water.

7) Great fireworks show.

8) Rather than rushing right back to get in the traffic jam, I did a loop around the causeway and enjoyed the lights reflecting off the water. Paddling at night is sure more pleasant than padding during the heat of the day.

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