Saturday, July 16, 2011

07/16/2011 - Upper Dog River

The inquisitive eyes of a cat that seemed to have never seen a kayak before.

1) A green heron cautiously eyes the kayak as it goes by.

2) The baby Muscovy ducks are starting to get some red on their face.

3) There was a big party at Martin's house.

4) An Osprey Eagle displays the catch of the day for the camera.

5) It is about impossible to paddle in upper Dog River without seeing signs of Mobile's illegal trash dump.

6) Ducks get no environmental respect in upper Dog River.

7) To a passing boater, the shoreline in this photo looks pretty clean, right?

8) If you look in behind the shore vegetation at this spot, the view is entirely different. Hope is not lost - there is a Coastal Cleanup scheduled for September 17th. Please consider volunteering to get out in a kayak on Dog River on Sept. 17th to pick up a few bags of trash. Thanks.

9) A couple of young kids enjoy a cloudy Saturday afternoon fishing in Rabby Creek.

10) A father and son enjoy a Saturday afternoon kayaking in Dog River. See the goose?

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