Friday, January 20, 2012

"Can't do anything, Sorry."

Litter Complaint Update: Senator Jeff Session's office called me on Jan 18th. One of his Aides said, "There is nothing Senator Sessions can do about your complaint because it concerns landfills, and that is an ADEM issue."

Another major player with influence who CAN do something says he can't. Our government is crippled by obligations to corporate contributors to their campaigns.

There is no reason why roadsides should be littered with plastic bottles. So why are they? Bottlers of water want you to feel your water is polluted so you will drink more of their "refreshing" outrageously expensive mostly unregulated tap water put in dangerous plastic bottles that could be disrupting the hormonal balance of those who drink from those bottles. What is that plastic bottle made out of? Could it be making you obese?

Could sucking out millions of gallons of water out of water aquifers in one area of the country and transporting it above ground to distant places be affecting moisture content around the world?  Got more rain than usual?  Suffering droughts? Hmm... There will be consequences for not drinking your own local filtered tap water.

Moore Creek Shoreline

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