Saturday, July 07, 2012

07/07/2012 - Alligator Hunting in Alligator Alley

Launch: Meaher Park Beach
Launch Cost: $1 access fee to Park.
Destination: Alligator Alley also known as D'Olive Creek
Distance: 7 miles (round trip).
Trip Rating: Easy trip but go prepared for problems associated with open water.
Time Paddling: 2.5 hours
Weather: Sunny and warm - 75-85 degrees. Winds calm and then out of the south 5-10 mph. Rising tide. Current almost negligible. Waves to 6 inches.
GPS Track: To view or download the GPS track of this trip, Click Here.
Header Image is a photo of an alligator taken today. The media is making a big deal over the senseless killing of two Alligators in D'Olive Creek. What they should realize is, those alligators were already dead. Despite the signs in the area warning people NOT to feed alligators, it is a common practice to feed alligators there and a fed alligator is a dead alligator. It doesn't make any difference to the alligator whether it is killed by idiots with bow and arrows, hunters who gave money to the State so they could kill a gator, or conservation officers snuffing out the life of a fed alligator that no longer fears people. They are all senseless killings.

Today's trip started at Meaher State Park which is an excellent place to launch a kayak.

I kayaked all the way up D'Olive Creek to the Lake Forest Spillway and back.

I was hunting alligators today looking for any that might have an arrow sticking in their body. Some idiots recently killed several alligators in D'Olive Creek using bow and arrow. It is bad enough that the alligators have to live with the nearby sewage treatment plant and swim with all the trash floating in the creek, but now the poor alligators are the target of sickos with bow and arrows. Thankfully the only thing I saw sticking on the body of the alligators seen today was snails.

Only a single small flower of Water Stargrass (Heteranthera dubia) is visible over a wide expanse of Ducker Bay.

Strikingly big and beautiful American Lotus flowers. 

Always awesome to see Nelumbo lutea in bloom.

A juvenile heron looked like it had just woke up or had been hit by lightning.

A beautiful looking female Anhinga was resting in a tree.

Mosquito Fern turned the surface of the water in one area to a red color providing stark contrast next to the yellow kayak.

A lone cypress tree grows out of the water next to the Interstate. The tree is well used by birds.

A home along the causeway sits in a state of decay.

While conservation and marine authorities want you to think they care about alligators, when they allow urban waterways like D'Olive Creek to become garbage dumps, the reality is Alligators better be careful what they ingest because the authorities don't care. Intestinal blockages lead to many premature alligator deaths. Click Here.


  1. Thanks for posting the GPS track of your trip. I was drawn for an alligator tag in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta for 2013 and I wasn't sure where to hunt. I will be following your route, in hopes of bagging a nice gator. Thanks again!

  2. Don't thank me - thank the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for your license to kill. The big gators that you don't kill, ADCNR will. You don't need my route - you can find alligators in just about any fresh or brackish waterway.

    Let me know how successful you were in following my GPS route (hehehe). Hey Anon- Kill a monster sized alligator so the 5-Rivers Facility can buy it. The 5-Rivers gift shop needs something to attract visitors because their parking lot is always empty.


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