Sunday, June 24, 2012

06/24/2012 - Tropical Storm Debby Bust

Header image is a photo of this mornings sunrise.

"Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors Take Warning." The sun begins to color the leading edge of Tropical Storm Debby's clouds.

This was one of those sunrises that kept getting better and better.

Awesome sunrise on Dog River.

Eventually the sun moved behind the clouds and the reddish colors were gone.

When the sun finally did rise above the thick clouds, the sun pierced through the high cirrus clouds and produced a beautiful halo.

I was expecting to play in some big waves in Mobile Bay due to Tropical Storm Debby and was disappointed to see a little 1-2 foot chop.

I headed north hoping the winds would pick up so the waves would get bigger but the winds never picked up. The Mobile skyline is visible on the horizon.

Went all the way up to Garrows Bend. Here is the Coast Guard Cutter Stingray. It has some wicked looking guns on the bow.

I passed by the dredging ship Glenn Edwards on the way home.

Thanks to the ship wake, I finally got to see a wave over 3 foot tall.

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