Friday, August 02, 2013

08/02/2013 - Eslava Creek and Dog River

Scenery on Eslava Creek and Dog River.

1) Mobile's only malfunctioning Litter Trap isn't going to remove this crap.

2) How dense does creek litter have to be before leaders decide that it is time to get it removed?

3) And people pay more for waterfront Property in Dog River to see this?

4) If I was a turtle in Dog River, I'd stay out of the water too.


  1. Rob, I can't believe that the people who live on the river aren't at city hall every day complaining about the pollution problem. How in the world does this continue to happen?!?! Thanks for taking pics. They should be on the front page of the paper every day (or whenever the paper is run)

    Sorry for the rant

  2. The Dog River Clearwater Revival group who oversees the River have already been knocking on the door to City Hall. They did it with a $50,000,000 lawsuit over violations of the federal Clean Water Act. The photos you see here is how the City of Mobile is responding. The cheap DESMI litter trap the City installed, twice now, still does not trap trash properly in heavy rains. As for the existing trash lining miles of the watershed, the City still has no one removing it. Duh! Dog River Clearwater Revival needs to follow through with the lawsuit and use some of that $50,000,000 to hire a crew to remove the trash since the City won't do it.


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