Wednesday, August 21, 2013

08/21/2013 - Garrows Bend

1) Sunrise at Arlington Park.

2) Ever feel small in life? Like the people you are trying to communicate to can't even see you?

2) A shoreline bird intently watches a Coast Guard helicopter fly by overhead.

3) A young heron eyeballs the kayak with interest.

4) Hey birdbrain - what do you see through those bright orange eyes?

5) A couple of White Ibis hopping along the shoreline driftwood.

6) I wonder if the Government has wasted money on a study yet to see if one pelican yawning makes the other nearby pelicans yawn. If not, there is still money to be wasted.

7) Urban Kayaking in Mobile.

8) Just west of Garrow's Bend are the open waters of Mobile Bay.

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