Sunday, October 01, 2006

10/01/2006 – Converse Reservoir (Big Creek Lake)

Launch: End of Howells Ferry Road (East Side Landing). Launch Cost: $5. Route: Pedal south to the Tanner Williams Road dam and back. Distance: 7.4 miles. Average Speed: 4.5 mph. Time: Approx 1.5 hrs. Pace: Fast. Weather: Sunny, warm, winds calm - perfect kayaking day. No tides or current to worry about on Big Creek Lake.

(1) Above left. This inland lake is quite beautiful, especially when the waters slick off on a nice sunny day. After working part of the day, I thought a good way to end the day would be with a little pedal boat workout. (2) Above right. This coot was a bit flustered because the Hobie Outback was moving so much faster than it could in the water.

(3) Above left. I wonder if birds use Big Creek Lake as a reference point when they are migrating. (4) Above right. A fly fisherman working the waters as the sun gets lower on the horizon.

(5) Above left. I arrived back at the nice wide sandy beach (perfect for launching kayaks) just as the sun was setting. What a great way to end a kayak trip. (6) Above right. Here the last of the boats are being pulled out of the water. The Howells Ferry Big Creek Lake launch site locks its gate at night. What a shame. Since the lake is inland, the calmer waters would make for excellent full moon kayak trips.

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