Saturday, October 21, 2006

10/21/2006 – Conway - Lower Crab

Launch: Public boat ramps (triple set) just west of the I-10 crossing on the north side of the Causeway (Highway 90). Launch Cost: Free. Route: Northeast to Conway Creek, then north to Little Bateau, then back to Conway, then cross the Tensaw to Lower Crab Creek, south to Delvan Bay and back to the Causeway. Distance: 16.8 miles. Average Speed: 3.2 mph. Time: Approx 5.5 hrs. Pace: Leisurely. Weather: Started off sunny and nice with calm waters. Not much current or tidal change. Later in the afternoon, it clouded up, winds picked up out of the south producing a nice little chop in Delvan Bay. It started to rain as I was strapping down the kayak on the car.

(1) Above left photomerge. Up near the entrance to Conway Creek looking down toward the Causeway, the waters were nice and calm. The clouds created an attention-grabbing panaorama. (2) Above right. The RSA building is getting nearer completion as seen from across Chacaloochee Bay.

(3) Above left. A big eyed young heron looking as if it has never seen a kayak before. (4) Above right. A great blue heron had its left wing stretched out as it was standing just about as tall as a person.

(5) Above left. I paddled up a little tributary off Lower Crab creek and as was treated to some stunning displays of yellow flowers. It seemed like every corner I paddled around, there was a bigger spread of flowers in view. (6) Above right. I kept mumbling words like, “wow” and “absolutely beautiful” while paddling slower and slower.

(7) Above left. Near the entrance to Conway Creek, the cypress trees were turning a golden brownish red. (8) Above right. By the time I reached Little Bateau, it was starting to cloud up although, conditions were still perfect for kayaking. The ridge of clouds made the reflections on the water quite stunning at times.

(9) Above left. The natural beds of flowers along the banks attracted lots of butterflies. (10) Above right. One needs to be more attentative when paddling in the upper reaches of rivers and creek at this time of year lest you run into a big spiders. For butterflies, a brief error in flight trajectory can be fatal. This was a wonderful wonderful kayak trip.

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