Saturday, February 03, 2007

02/03/2007 – Mobile River

Launch: Triple public boat ramps in the middle of the Causeway on the North side.
Launch Cost: Free.
Route: Cross the Tensaw River, across Delvan Bay, up Spanish River, down Mobile River, around Choctaw Pass, and then back up to the Causeway via Tensaw River.
Distance: 19.7 miles.
Average Speed: 3.8 mph.
Time: Approx 5 hrs.
Pace: Moderate.
Weather: Overcast, winds from the north about10 mph with a few gusts. Tide was just starting to rise from a below normal low tide – earlier winds had blown a lot of water south out of Mobile Bay. Currents were about normal. Temperature stayed about 45 degrees all afternoon.

1) Got in parts to fix the pedal boat today. Chain started slipping shortly after launching. I stopped here to adjust the drive unit. Winds were gusty which is why I stopped on the alee side of this low tide peninsula.

2) Saw a lot of coot and other birds today, but when the sun isn’t out, they are not as colorful.

3) A couple of white pelicans taking off.

4) When kayaking in Mobile River, one should never get too close to big ships or docks. The amount of water this pump was pushing out could easily capsize a kayak.

5) I decided to kayak down Mobile River today in order to see this ferry. The new Hawaii Superferry, manufactured by Austal, won’t be here for long. This is no average ferry – check out some of the interior photos here.

6) Sure glad the Superferry doesn’t operate here. I can only imagine what it would be like to have this ferry zipping by at 35 knots while in my kayak. I wonder if their radar picks up a kayaks.

7) I was also hoping to see the Holiday take off as it usually can be seen heading south around sunset.

8) As I passed by, bundled-up passengers were yelling and waving at me. They must have been impressed with my little cruise kayak.

9) It is almost a ritual for me to take a photo of the RSA building as I pass by. I’m still waiting for the upper scaffolding to be removed.

10) Trip Track (green line). Although it is a little long, this is one of my favorite kayaking loops – it is always an adventure with a lot of industrial action and engineering marvels.

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