Tuesday, February 20, 2007

02/20/2007 – Douglas Lake

Launch: Upper Bryant Landing (about 5 miles north of Stockton).
Launch Cost: $3.
Route: North up Tensaw Lake a little over a mile, then northwest up Douglas Lake to the end. Back down to Tensaw Lake, up Watson Creek about a quarter of a mile and then back to the launch site.
Distance: 10.5 miles round trip.
Average Speed: 2.2 mph.
Time: Approx 5 hrs.
Pace: Very slow.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, temperature 65-70 degrees, winds out of the southwest 5-15 mph, minimal rising tide and minimal current.

1) Trip track map.

2) I felt like exploring somewhere new today. Here is Upper Bryant Landing which had a sandy bank for easy launching. Douglas Lake is also listed as a day trip on the Bartram Canoe Trail.

3) I did not see much wildlife or birds on this trip, but the cypress trees were plentiful and amazing.

4) Half way up Douglas Creek is a convenient rest point for getting out to stretch the legs. For those not wanting to kayak a full 10 miles, turning around here would cut the trip length down to about 6 miles round trip – a nice 2-3 hour trip.

5) It seemed like there were huge cypress trees on every corner of the lake, each having its own unique characteristics. (You may have to scroll to see all of the photomerges.)

6) There were a few times when the wind died down allowing the waters to slick off as shown in this photomerge of the rather dreary winter landscape.

7) In the midst of the lackluster grays of the deciduous woods were occasional clusters of beautiful color – leaves killed by recent freezes.

8) The sun came out for very brief moments and although it is hard to see in this photo, maple trees were beginning to show their red – a sign that this year’s kayak season is about to begin!

9) Around the corner of the Upper Bryant Launch site are some bluffs which add to the landscape diversity.

10) I took a short trip up Watson Creek and was astounded to see crystal clear water – something you don’t see much of in the Delta. I definitely want to get back to this creek on a bright sunny day, especially in the spring when the colors are fresh green.
A friend asked me a few weeks ago what my kayak plans were for the year and I had no answer. I do find an enhanced sense of excitement when exploring a new waterway, like today when exploring Douglas Lake. My kayaking plans for this year? To experience more dawns on the water. To explore more of the Upper Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Stiggins Lake, The “T”, Chippewa Lakes, Doctor Lake, Poll Bayou, Little Lake, Bates Creek, Dominic Creek, Napp Lake, Clearwater Lake, Bilbo Creek, Bear Creek, Proctor Creek, Red Hill Creek are a few of the places I have never been to and want explore. Douglas Lake is now on my list of favorite paddling sites.

"What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn!"
-Logan Pearsall Smith

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