Sunday, February 11, 2007

02/11/2007 – Polecat Bay

Launch: Public boat ramps (triple set) just west of the I-10 crossing on the north side of the Causeway (Highway 90).
Launch Cost: Free.
Route: Northwest across the Tensaw River to Polecat Bay, cut across to Spanish River, back to Polecat Bay, then back to the launch site.
Distance: 9.3 miles.
Average Speed: 2.6 mph.
Time: Approx 3.5 hrs.
Pace: Slow.
Weather: Sunny with temps in the middle 50s. High tide and minimal current, winds initially calm and then picking up to 5 mph out of the south.

1) Photomerge from the Tensaw River between I-10 and US 90. Temperature was cool, it was sunny, very little current, high tide, no wind, slick waters – perfect kayaking weather.

2) Photomerge from Polecat Bay - this is one of those days where I shout with joy at the beautiful mixture of sky and water.

3) American White Pelicans can be seen frequently in shallow Polecat Bay. You can see the graduated plates on the pelican’s upper mandible in this photo.

4) This looks a little like a Tri-colored Heron.

5) There were a lot of Ibis in the upper end of Polecat Bay.

6) For a moment I was excited to see some new ducks that were photo friendly. No wonder why they didn’t fly away – the ducks were plastic decoys that hunters have left behind.

7) On the north side of the Polecat Bay Cut in Spanish River, there are a few Osprey Eagle nests.

8) The view looking across Polecat Bay. I had hoped the waters would still be slick, but eventually the winds picked up out of the south.

9) The Mobile Skyline as the sun is about to disappear below the horizon.

10) Now that the sun is gone, the clouds go through a huetiful metamorphosis.

11) Photos never quite show the whole picture compared to being there in person. This sunset caused me to give many thanks to the Creator as I slowly paddled in awe. May the Church of Sun and Clouds bestow many blessings on you.

12) Trip Track.

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