Monday, December 29, 2008

12/29/2008 – Chickasaw Creek

Launch: William Brooks Park (Hwy 43 in Chickasaw)
Launch Fee: *Free (Normally $4)
Kayak: Hobie Mirage Outback
Route: South down Chickasaw Creek to the entrance of Mobile River and back.
Distance: 11.3 miles.
Average Speed: 3.3 mph.
Pace: Leisurely to Moderate.
Weather: Sunny, 65 degrees, winds 5 mph from the north, waters mostly calm, stronger current out in Mobile River. Water temperatures are also 5 degrees cooler in Mobile River.

1) Currently, this site is not monitored by anyone. There was a locked moneybox for the voluntary launch fee of $4, but it had been vandalized. Today I kayaked for *free. Eventually there will be a restroom, office building, and concession stand at this facility.

2) Today’s launch was at William Brooks Park, formerly Tuckers Launch. On the design drawing, one of the three launch sites is designated for “Canoe.”

3) Near the entrance to Mobile River, I took a photo of Scott Paper Company with the sun hiding behind the big smoke stack. Jet contrails like those in this photo, are linked to global dimming and temperature attenuation. They say if the jets all stop flying for some reason, this planet will get hotter very quick.

4) Two trains went by as I was pedaling in this area. Some of the graffiti on the cars were pretty cool looking.

5) If you paddle Chickasaw Creek often enough, you’ll see the Crimson Shipping floating warehouses. The company was formerly known as Maybank.

6) A pelican feeding with the Cochran Bridge in the background.

7) I like to time kayak trips to coincide with either a sunrise or a sunset. I was hoping the jet contrails would add color to the sunset but almost all of it disappeared before the sun went down.

8) Do you think Osprey Eagles and other birds enjoy watching the sunset? This one sure looks like it enjoyed the sunset as much as I did!

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