Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12/30/2008 – Pumphouse Canal

Launch: William Brooks Park (Hwy 43 in Chickasaw)
Launch Fee: *Free (Normally $4)
Kayak: Necky Looksha Sport
Route: East in the Pumphouse Canal, southwest down Bear Creek and Greenwood Bayou to Chickasaw Creek, then to Cochran Bridge and back via Chickasaw Creek.
Distance: 13.9 miles.
Average Speed: 2.5 mph.
Pace: Leisurely to still.
Weather: Sunny, 65 degrees dipping down to 55 degrees after sunset, waters mostly calm.

1) A 3 foot alligator warming up in the sun.

2) The Pumphouse Canal – a man made canal that is about as wide as you see here that connects the Chickasaw Creek to the Mobile River.

3) Please note: the Pumphouse Canal is subject to being blocked by a log jam at the railroad trestle near Mobile River. I had planned to kayak up to Black Creek today but this 100 yard long log jam caused a change in route.

4) Instead, I went down Bear Creek and Greenwood Bayou – an area that always seems dead of life. It is even worse at low tide when you can smell the exposed mud banks.

 5) About the only thing I see in this area are Osprey Eagles – who build their nests on top of the high voltage transmission lines that cross the Delta in this area. 

6) On the way back, I noticed a 22 degree halo around the sun – not something one sees very often.

7) The railroad bridge crossing Chickasaw Creek at the entrance to Mobile River looks like it is sustaining some rust damage. In this photo, there are 4 cross bar members completely destroyed by rust. The bridge operator who I talked to said the bridge was in good shape. Guess he doesn’t see it from a kayaker’s perspective.

8) The designer of the sky put on a long and awesome performance that lasted for 40 minutes. The photo merges are wide photos - you might have to scroll to see all of the photo. This sunset was watched in the area where Chickasaw Creek joins Black Bayou.

9) The bad part about wanting to take photos of a sunset on the slick evening waters is boats wanting to return at the same time that stir up the calm waters. But, sometimes boat wakes can create some interesting photos amid all the colors.

10) Sunset on Black Bayou

11) Wow! I’ve missed kayaking. It is the simple pleasures in life that can make you shout loudly in joy deep within. Thank you Steven Sasson! Steven developed the first digital camera in 1975.

12) Sunset on Black Bayou

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  1. And thank you, Rob, for being out there taking the digital photos and sharing them with us landlubbers. You are Da Best!


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