Thursday, December 25, 2008


Yes, sadly, this is true. Noisy Anti-Kayaks could soon be coming to a bayou near you. There are several varieties of the anti-kayaks also known as Surfangos and are now available for purchase. The Powersurf FX is a powered surfboard. The Hawaii GT is a powered sit-on-top kayak. The Adventurer GT is a powered sit-in kayak. These powered anti-kayaks are capable of speeds up to 25 mph.

So, if you want to make noise, not get any exercise, scare away all the wildlife, waste precious fossil fuels, and pollute the environment, these anti-kayak products may be for you.

On a positive note, these anti-kayaks that contain 9 hp engines weigh in at 130-139 pounds which means no average person will be slinging these on top of their cars. Plus, having a carrying capacity of only 260 pounds means half of America (obese people) will sink the surfango the minute they get on or in it.

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