Thursday, March 11, 2010

03/11/2010 - Big Bay John

Launch: Causeway Boat Ramp (just west of Oysterella's restaurant)

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1) With the warmer weather here (high 77 today), one would expect to see more green. The scenery is still mostly brown.

2) Saw about a dozen alligators today.

3) Osprey Eagle eating some fresh fish.

4) Egrets or Herons coming in for a landing.

5) In the far reaches of Bay Bay John, the water gets stagnant.

6) A nice looking river house on Runamuck Island in the middle of Raft River.

7) Sun is starting to get low looking across Grand Bay.

8) The sun went behind the clouds. This is looking through the cut between Spanish River and Polecat Bay.

9) Sunset over Polecat Bay.

Had hoped for some cloud colorization but it never occurred. This was a beautiful day for kayaking!

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