Tuesday, March 30, 2010

03/30/2010 - Lower Crab Creek / Tensaw River - Six Tributaries

Launch: Causeway Boat Ramp (just west of Oysterella's restaurant)

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1) Late morning started off perfect - sunny, calm waters and no wind. Had started to do the Mobile River loop but changed the mind due to a windy afternoon forecast.

2) Started by doing a loop around Delvan Bay and went up the narrow tributary at the top of Delvan Bay.

3) Blooming Shoreline Sedge (Carex hyalinolepis) was very abundant along the banks in some areas.

4) The flower on a Black Willow tree (Salix nigra).

5) Wax Myrtle (Myrica cerifera) aka Bayberry. A sprig of aromatic Wax Myrtle kept in a drawer is said to keep cockroaches out.

6) Today's kayak trip was rather exciting because the route included going up into six different unnamed tributaries until it got too shallow or over grown to go any further.

7) Red maples were still in seed.

8) An osprey eagle coming in for a landing on its nest.

9) Saw a lot of alligators today.

10) Quite a few alligators scared the daylights out of me as they wildly thrashed to get into the water, usually before I ever saw them.

11) A rare place of rest for the weary kayaker in the lower marsh lands.

12) As predicted, the winds were rather strong out of the south on the return trip. To see the track of this trip, Click Here.

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