Tuesday, March 16, 2010

03/16/2010 - Mudhole Creek

Launch: Triple Boat Ramps on the Causeway.
Forecast called for mid 60s, so I went with shorts and a t-shirt. The sky quickly clouded up and the temp didn't get much above the mid 50s. Winds were suppose to decrease and instead the wind actually increased and was relentless most of the day. Expected a tailwind on the way home and instead caught a strong cross wind and ended up getting soaked from the chop hitting the kayak from the side. Getting soaked is one of the potential drawbacks of taking the Hobie Adventure sit-on-top out on open waters in windy conditions.

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1) Red Maple Slough was showing its color today.

2) Mudhole Creek also had some red maple coloring. Fought the wind and current most of the day.

3) Dense coverage from an aquatic plant.

4) Today is the first time I've ever seen Glossy Ibis in this area. Not enough shutter speed to get a clear shot.

5) These stupid coot ruined about a half dozen photos today by scaring other wildlife. They flew ahead like this every time I caught up with them almost the entire length of Red Maple Slough.

6) What little time the sun did shine today, it brought out the big beasts.

7) Lots of alligators laying out on the banks today.

 8) Some were quite respectable in size.

9) So much for thinking it was suppose to be sunny all day.

10) Upstream flooding had the Tensaw River current running strong and just north of the Interstate it was interacting with the wind creating some confused wave action. Photos never seem to be able to portray this hazardous area and I'm always relieved make it to the other side of the bridge where waters are calmer without capsizing.
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